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AAOKH stands for Alaska Arctic Observatory and Knowledge Hub. AAOKH is the community observing component that was continued when the SIZONet program was concluded. The SIZONet program was a long-term observing program to provide data responsive to the needs of scientists and stakeholders. SIZONet included instrumented observations such as: shore-based and drift-ice measurements of ice motion, key mass-balance variables and airborne ice thickness. One component of SIZONet involved collaborating with coastal communities in northern and western Alaska to document sea ice, weather and wildlife observations with goals to preserve and pass on local and traditional knowledge of sea ice and its use. The AAOKH program goals includes working with local experts to empower and support communities to conduct scientific measurements that relate to community concerns. The AAOKH has an observing focus on changes in the cryosphere (snow, ice, permafrost) and its effects on the seasonal cycle of subsistence harvest activities.


AAOKH serve as a forum to bring together local experts and researchers for communication and exchange of aspects of the seasonal cycle of snow and ice in all its forms and how this matters to the people in Alaska’s Arctic


This short AAOK manual tell how to establish programs for observations of sea ice and snow by local experts at coastal locations. 

Here tell AAOKH what other should know about the program in case they are interested in using the protocols and materials og AAOKH. 

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